Why is CBD oil so popular

CBD oil (also known as cannabidiol) is credited with easing a wide range of medical conditions including anxiety, depression PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and even sleeping problems (insomnia).  As well as being very effective, CBD oil is popular because it is non-psychoactive so does not induce a ‘high state’ in those who take it.  In the last few years, CBD has been featured in countless media reports and publications globally and a search on Google reveals more than 1.5 million posts about CBD! Most mentions of CBD give it credit for easing many health problems and this has led to a huge increase in sales of CBD oil.

CBD occurs naturally in hemp and marijuana plants plant and has been used for some years to successfully treat chronic pain and arthritis. Today CBD oil is found in a wide range of products including personal body care products, foods and even products for the family pet. Its popularity has rocketed because many people feel that it is a natural product and they prefer it over traditional medicines and over-the-counter pain relievers. What makes CBD products even more appealing is that they are now widely available online and can be delivered right to your door.

There are two types of CBD oil;  produced either from CBD extract or a CBD isolate bases. An extract contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids and plant material, whereas an isolate is a single-molecule of CBD. Both of these are mixed with a carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil, to aid their absorption in the body. However, it is important to know that not all CBD products are made from 100% natural cannabis and in fact, cannabis can be manufactured synthetically.

What health problems can CBD help with?

  • CBD is a good anti-inflammatory and can reduce swelling
  • Skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis can be improved with regular applications of CBD creams.
  • CBD cream is said to be anti-ageing
  • Pains in nerves, muscles, bones and joints can be eased if applied topically (treating just the affected area and usually the skin)
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes

CBD can be purchased in a wide variety of products:

Oils and oil-based tinctures

These were the original CBD products and are quick and easy to use as you just pop the required number of drops on your tongue. The main advantage is that the CBD oil is quickly absorbed into the body. These are still the most popular way to take CBD.

Food and drinks

CBD does not have a pleasant taste, so taking it in food helps to disguise its bitterness. and make it more palatable. There are all types of food products available including cakes and biscuits and some cafés and restaurants offer main dishes containing CBD oil.

Skincare products

There are a wide range of products on the market including lotions, ointments and skin balms. Some cosmetics contain CBD and bath foams and bombs to help improve skin conditions.

More research into the use of CBD is needed and at present, there is inconclusive evidence of the long term effects of use of CBD. There are a number of detailed studies being carried out at present to establish the occurrence of known side effects which include drowsiness, mood swings, diarrhoea and loss of appetite.

There is a great deal still to be learned about CBD oil and other products, so if you are tempted to try it to see if it works for you, it is important to be aware that many of the claims being made, have not been substantiated. You should carry out some research on its use for treating your own medical condition and be aware of potential side effects too.

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