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What Causes Blackheads?

Blackheads are the worst! Why do we get them? Some are fortunate to not suffer from blackheads, but if you do and you’re trying to figure out what causes them, follow along with us to learn a little more. Let’s figure out together how to avoid having more and get rid of the ones we have.

Some Main Causes of Blackheads

Blackheadsare a type of acne that is called comedonal, which means they essentially occur when our pores are clogged with oils and dead skin. Comedonals are mostly present on the forehead and chin, however, they do appear on the nose and other parts of our body such as our backs.

Cringe-Worthy Effects of Hormones

Puberty, one of the most dreaded times in life, is a time when many of us suffer from acne because of our hormones. Androgenscan be the cause of our oil glands expanding and therefore creating more sebum, aka body oil that we naturally create. Because of this, bacteria that typically doesn’t make its way into our pores does so. In effect, this clogs our pores causing unwanted blackheads and acne.

Of course, puberty isn’t the only time in our lives that hormones can cause issues for our skin; if we are suffering from any type of hormonal imbalance at any age we are more likely to suffer from blackheads.

Dietary Causes For Blackheads

We all love our starchy treats such as doughnuts, potatoes, white bread, and sugar-heavy drinks. To our misfortune, these are exactly the foods we need to avoid. Having foods such as these can worsen the appearance and health of our skin, then we end up with much dreaded blackheads! This is especially true if you are already prone to acne.

Every food that is high-glycemic causes a rise in our blood sugar straight away and it will magnify the skin difficulties we are experiencing. When we have high blood sugar it increases the chance of inflammation in our body; this inflammation is the horrible reason we create more sebum.

If we have too much sebum we are more prone to blackheads. Even milk can be responsible for acne! Studies have shown that those who drink skim milk are 44% more likely to develop acne. Out of 205 patients seeing dermatologists for acne and 358 that were also seeing dermatologists for reasons unrelated to acne, those with the condition were drinking significantly more cow’s milk.

Effects of Smoking on Our Skin

Have you ever heard of “smoker’s acne”? If you haven’t and are a smoker, here is further motivation to quit. Researchershave found a correlation when it comes to smoking and acne in women. The people in the study showed three times the amount of sebum secretion.

When there is an excess in sebum secretion it creates the perfect conditions for blackheads and acne to form. When we have an overabundance of sebum, it is more likely than not going to clog our pores.

Excessively Hydrated Skin

It is believed that exposure to humiditysignificantly aggravates the symptoms of blackheads and acne in general. When there is too much humidity, it can cause the skin to have what is called a microbial balance disturbance. When this happens, it can cause a multitude of skin conditions, such as blackheads.

The function of the skin barrier can be significantly affected by exposure to humidity. This, in essence, is what makes it so pollutants can enter the pores a lot easier. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about humidity; our best advice is to properly follow instructions of your prescribed products, use facial wipes, and of course, practice good hygiene.

The Wrong Cosmetics for Our Skin

Some cosmetics are comedogenic, and if you haven’t heard this term, you’re not alone. It means that the products you are using are more likely than not to clog your pores. We aren’t taught to be diligent when it comes to ingredients in our products and honestly, sometimes we just don’t really feel like it because WANT specific products. But if you are someone who wears cosmetics and suffers from blackheads check your existing products for this.

A few of the cosmetic products that are recommended to AVOID are cocoa butter, linseed oil, and coconut oil as well as others. Seriously, we highly advise that you do a bit of research. Comedogenic cosmetics might be the main source of your problem! The best advice we can give those of you who are prone to blackheads and other types of acne is to use cosmetics that are sheer and state that they are “acne-fighting” or don’t use cosmetics at all.

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