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Is Avocado Good for You?

Avocadoes can be considered as the star of all fruits. It doesn’t only grace everyone’s breakfast but is also prepared as desserts in other parts of the world. What makes it lovable, though, is not only the multitude of ways to devour it but also its tremendous health benefits.

Avocadoes originated from Mexico, and the country is still at the forefront of producing most of them globally. What’s intriguing is though there are also other countries exporting it, there’s still a considerably increasing demand for avocado each year.

Undoubtedly, many people are now aware of how avocado works wonders for the body, not to mention how tasty it could be. Here are a few avocado benefits and the reasons why it can be perfect for you.

Avocado helps indigestion.

That uncomfortable burning sensation in your tummy plus the continuous burping is the worst. It could lead to severe health conditions and cause you bad breath as a start.

Good thing, there’s the avocado that can help better your digestion. It is rich in fiber that serves as a protective lining in the stomach, thus saving you from uncomfortable pain.

Studies show that eating a whole avocado gives you at least 5 grams of fiber which is a good start for your 25 gram per day fiber intake need.

Avocado reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Avocado has vitamin K and C that help you achieve strong bones. Experts cannot diagnose weak bones until you have osteoporosis, and incorporating avocado into your diet will prevent you from suffering severe bone problems in the future.

Avocado makes your organs function efficiently.

Avocado prevents cancer and is notable for improving your organs’ function. It has enough mineral contents like potassium that does the job of equalizing the sodium in your body for stable blood pressure and a healthy kidney.

Avocado’s fiber also intercepts those damaging radicals targeting the liver. Research shows that having a healthy liver also helps you lose weight, particularly those concentrated in your belly.

Avocado makes you glow from the outside.

Avocado has vitamins C and E that are essential for your skin. An avocado a day can help your skin’s dryness and collagen production. Not to mention the ways you can incorporate it into your life. You can either make an avocado mask and apply it to your skin or devour an avocado toast.

Avocado eases arthritis.

Another way to love avocado is how it can relieve your arthritis. Avocado’s fat content acts as an anti-inflammatory agent helping the movement of your joints. Sources say that avocado competes with pain killers when it comes to pain relief, the reason why there are also now avocado supplements being sold in the market.

Avocado helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

Omega-3, a fatty acid in the avocado, is proven to regulate the brain’s production of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone in our brain that is responsible for our moods. Lack of Omega-3 is often the problem for those who are undergoing anxiety and depression.

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