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an alpaca on the front and 3 alpacas in the back

Why is Alpaca so Expensive?

When the alpacas almost came to extinction during the Spanish conquest in 1532, the Incans found a way of making

alpacas brown & white

Facts About Alpacas

What You Need to Know About Alpacas Alpacas are more than meets the eye. From their elite role in the

woman on backpack over-looking nature

How To Travel With No Money

Everyone wants to travel and most people think that you have to have money to do so. It is certainly


What To Do In Mykonos

Situated in the heart of the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean, Mykonos is a very popular Greek island

bordeaux square

Places to visit in Bordeaux

Situated in southwest France and nicknamed the ‘wine capital of the world’, Bordeaux is the perfect destination for a short

indonesia cheapest country

Cheapest country in the world: Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia in south-east Asia, stretches between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and comprises of 17,000 islands. Indonesia