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avocado cut in half

Is Avocado Good for You?

Avocadoes can be considered as the star of all fruits. It doesn’t only grace everyone’s breakfast but is also prepared

wine being poured over a meal

What Is A Palate Cleanser?

Have you been out to a nice dinner, when suddenly the waiter brings you something you didn’t order? It probably

keto-letter-tiles on marble

Can Keto Diet Cause Kidney Stones?

The Keto diet (Ketogenic) is one of the most popular diets the world over. The diet helps with successful weight

matcha powder, tea and whisk

Why Is Matcha Tea So Expensive?

Over the last 800 years, matcha tea existed as part of Japan’s spiritual ceremonies and the home of the upper

greek food dishes

Best Greek Food

One of the great things about traveling abroad is the chance to enjoy the local cuisine. If you are traveling

banana milkshake

How to make a banana milkshake

If you don’t enjoy the taste of milk, what better way to ensure you get a good intake of calcium

spagetti with pasta sauce

How to make pasta sauce

A bowl of pasta with a tasty sauce is the ultimate comfort food and perfect quick meal!  Although you can

bubble tea in a glass with straw

Is Bubble Tea Healthy?

Bubble tea has captured everyone’s taste buds, foodie fanatic or not. It is apparent by how it evolved with appetizing

crepes and pancakes with strawberries

How To Make Crêpes At Home

Crêpes are as French as the Eiffel Tower, croissants, and baguettes! Crêpes are really thin pancakes and quite different from

the keto diet

Is the Keto Diet gluten-free?

In recent years, both gluten-free diets and the Keto Diet have become increasingly popular. Many people have reduced or eliminated