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Is Avocado Oil Good For Your Skin?

You’ve probably seen avocado oil in skincare products and wondered what the benefits might be. Or even asked yourself, are there any benefits at all? Is this just another fad in a long list of trends?

Let’s explore what is in avocado oil and why it’s healthy for you.

These days you can find avocado oil in face mist, day and night creams, and sunblock, just to name a few. Below we will break down the must-knows about avocado oil being used on the skin.

Research on the Benefits of Avocado Oil

In a 2010 study, it was stated that because of the high skin penetration rate and fast absorption by the skin, avocado oil extracted for use in cosmetics. It is typically extracted with solvents at high temperatures. When produced for cosmetics, the study states it is almost always refined, bleached, and deodorized —becoming odorless. So this is the process, but let’s get to the benefits.

Heals Wounds

One very helpful and honestly amazing benefit that comes from using avocado oil on your skin is its wound-healing effect. It showed to be regenerative, creating an increase in collagen density compared to the control group. If you have cuts or sunburns, avocado oil has you covered.


It is also anti-inflammatory, showing it has a similar effect to ibuprofen. Avocado oil enhances the treatment of damaged, dry, and chapped skin —perfect for dry weather or after a day in the sun. Sunburn is an inflammation of the skin that can be soothed by avocado oil. Another reason you can find avocado oil in SPF lotions or creams is that it helps protect the skin from oxidative damage. This is caused by the sun and other pollutants.

Minerals and Vitamins

It contains minerals, vitamins A, C, D, and E, amongst other beneficial parts of its composition. Mixing up these minerals and vitamins from the avocado oil with Vitamin B-12 skin creams only increases its benefits. It creates a great topical treatment for those who suffer from what sometimes can be painful psoriasis.

What Else is Topical Avocado Oil Good For?

Now let’s talk about eczema and acne: both are so common and such huge pain points for many of us, both men and women alike. With your doctor’s approval, of course, it can be beneficial to follow your medicinal treatment along with avocado oil skincare products. Who doesn’t want to do and use everything they can to help their skin? Avocado oil is healthy for you.

So does avocado oil help with aging concerns? Obviously, we looked into this as well! Avocado oil has fatty acids or monounsaturated fat; fatty acids are associated with increased elasticity. This means there is a decrease in wrinkling. Yes, you read that correctly: fewer wrinkles.

For those of us who are concerned with what we put on and in our body, but also want to combat fine lines as well as reducing the number of wrinkles, avocado oil is a natural safe product. But wrinkles aren’t the end-all-be-all, are they? As we mentioned above, dry skin, chapped skin, or lips are also up there with pain points we treat or want to treat on a daily basis.

Chapsticks and lipsticks come to mind as products that typically get ingested, whether we want to or not. There are many products out there that if we truly knew what was in them, we may be completely shocked. However, getting a lipstick or chapstick that includes avocado oil means having an ingredient on your mouth that is there to soothe your lips and not cause you harm.

The Verdict on Avocado Oil Safety

Ultimately, whether you’ve already found a product you were interested in checking out or are just starting to look —avocado oil is safe for your skin. It is a natural product that will give you many skin benefits. From the research we have done, there is no great concern against using avocado oil.

Of course, if you have any allergies or medications you know will affect you if you have avocado in any form, it is best to stay away. Otherwise, hurry to get products with this oil; it is going to make a world of difference.

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