5 Beauty Subscription Boxes in 2021

From the multitude of skincare, haircare, makeup, and perfume products popping out here and there, choosing what to try is slowly becoming a social dilemma for women. The lifesaver? Yes, no other than the phenomenal beauty boxes.

A beauty box subscription is an exciting way to surprise yourself, your friends or even try out newly launched products in the market. Many beauty companies offer competitive beauty box subscription plans with either customizable features or simply freebies delivered conveniently at your doorsteps.

Here are the top five beauty boxes in 2021 you may consider plus everything you need to know before you dive in for a month or a year of subscription.


Glossybox offers 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription plans you can choose. It starts for as low as £11.75 a month with an option to cancel anytime.

What’s exciting about this box is you can get five beauty products ranging from makeup, skincare, haircare even makeup tools. Like the other beauty boxes, these treats come in aesthetic packaging depending on the theme for that specific month. There are personalized greeting cards, and a catalog for a sneak peek of next month’s box.

Glossybox had also launched its skincare line last year, and people have raved about the goodness of their organic and cruelty-free products. Apart from their very own skincare line, Glossybox collaborates with high-end and trusted brands to deliver the best treats to its subscribers.

Being a subscriber comes in pretty good perks such as free samples, credits, student discounts, and access to limited edition products. Be early whenever they are collaborating with known brands since their boxes are usually sold out.

Glossybox has around 300,000 subscribers worldwide.


Lookfantastic is another leading beauty box powerhouse. They offer around 22,000 product variations for skincare, perfume, beauty tools, and makeup shipping in around 200 countries worldwide.

Subscription starts with £15 per month where subscribers can get the first month’s subscription for £5 by using the code on their website. They also offer huge sales, especially on paydays.

Here, you can get six beauty products that all complement the theme of the month. Lookfantastic collaborates not only with high-end brands but with beauty influencers as well.

The monthly issue comes in cute boxes with a catalog of what to expect next month and an overview of the treats for the current month. They also have a few bonuses like digital magazines.

A lot is going on on their website, from a plethora of products to choose from. So, if you are caught in confusion or just simply tired of deciding on what to purchase, you may also try their Mystery Boxes for a change.


Birchbox offers another fun way to enjoy beauty products. They also offer 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription plans starting from £13.95 for your first month. Same as Glossybox, they also grant student discounts.

You can get five beauty treats on their monthly boxes, and all are curated based on your liking. You can personalize the products delivered to you by answering a few questions about your profile and preferences. Birchbox also won’t send you the same treat twice, so you’re guaranteed to try new products every time.

At the moment, they only ship in France, Spain, UK, and Ireland, so if you have friends somewhere in these countries, you can surprise them with a Birchbox beauty box. You can also refer them to subscribe with Birchbox and get rewards afterward.

Birchbox also collaborates with established brands and females of influence who have just recently launched their own brands.


Roccabox launched in 2017 and is now one of the most subscribed beauty boxes of 2021. It was also featured in leading beauty magazines like Elle and Glamour. Roccabox aims to bring excellent beauty products to women while not breaking the bank.

As glamorous as it can be, it’s comforting how you can avail this cutesy pink beauty box for as low as £10.00 a month. Roccabox offers a variation of 6 beauty products ranging from skincare, haircare, and makeup. You can get a combination of full-sized and deluxe-sized items plus additional freebies.

Roccabox also has their Mystery Box, which has whopping 5-star reviews on their website. Mystery boxes are just one-time purchases, and you can purchase them while you are still subscribed to their monthly beauty box.

They also provide a content guide on their beauty box with a thoughtful message from its founder.

If you are hunting for clean skincare products, this might be your beauty box. The downside is that they only ship throughout UK.

The Vegan Kind

Another popular beauty box is from The Vegan Kind, which ships worldwide. Dedicated for a long time and new vegans, this beauty box starts at £18.15 and offers 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription plans.

New subscribers can also get the first box at £5 by using the discount code on their website. You can get five products delivered to you, which are all organic and cruelty-free. Same as the other beauty boxes, products may come in deluxe and full sizes.

This box will be enjoyed by vegans who are just starting out to explore almost all of the vegan brands in the market. Their package comes in fun colors, and they also offer vegan food treats on their lifestyle box subscription. Not to mention how pretty their boxes are, which you can reuse for storage.

Once you have subscribed, you will be granted discounts on over 2500 The Vegan Kind products in supermarkets. The Vegan Kind launched in 2013, and part of their sales are donated to animal charities.

The thrill and excitement of opening a bundle of treats every month make the experience more enjoyable. Beauty boxes are a trend now when it comes to promoting known and lesser-known brands. These are just a pinch of the available beauty boxes to spice up your experience. You can find thousands of beauty boxes subscription out there and choose based on your budget and liking.

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